5 Steps To Develop The Perfect Enterprise Mobile Strategy

Mobility is a massive game changer in the world of business and has proved so time and again. Mobility is changing the way customers interact with businesses, which is forcing business owners to come up with ever more imaginative ways to help customers interact with their business on the go. It is exactly this requirement for new business methodologies that has led to a massive demand for perfect enterprise strategies to help businesses connect to their customers via mobile technology.

In order to develop the perfect mobile strategy for an enterprise, a business or an app, one requires the right people; people who have an idea as to what mobility is all about and how it can be leveraged to forward a business. A strategy will be successful only and only if it revolves around the most important aspect – user experience. Mobile technology has put the user in control like never before. The average smartphone user, armed with his/her handheld, now has the option to pick up or dismiss a product or service within a matter of seconds.

So, how can one develop a scalable, robust and perfected mobile strategy with user experience as its core focus? Here are 5 steps that can help a business achieve this goal.

    • Market Research & Development: Forearmed is forewarned; this holds true for the development of a good mobile strategy as well. A vast majority of companies rely on outdated and obsolete business methodologies and models that simply cannot provide support to the fast changing world of mobile technology. Inculcating the practice of studying new and emerging trends in mobility in an excellent way to incorporate updates into current business models. This also includes studying what ones competitors are offering.


    • Company Research & Development: Simply carrying out R&D on the outside market is not enough to compile the perfect mobile strategy. A business must also take a close look at its own infrastructure as well. Companies must carry out an analysis of the infrastructure to understand how mobility can support and propagate primary business objectives and what services can be improved using mobility. This research will help test the mobile readiness of the company.


    • Innovation, Innovation, Innovation: The key to mastering mobile technology is innovation. Considering the technology’s volatile and fast changing nature, constant self improvement is the only way to get ahead in the field. Mobile innovativeness can be achieved through a vigorous assessment of both the company’s organizational structure and the outside market. One must always remember to keep the user in mind while carrying out these assessments. Whatever innovations are picked up after the assessment must ultimately carry some benefit for the end user and not the company’s structure.


    • Formulate a Business Plan: Among all these assessments and R&D, it is easy to get lost on the path to perfect mobile strategy. It is therefore, important to formulate a road map that helps companies achieve operational efficiency and fulfill the company’s primary objectives. This road map needs to establish a clear and concise mobile development cycle that can help steer the development and deployment of new apps and solutions.


    •  Generate Momentum: A great way to integrate mobility into a company is to develop a few projects that generate momentum for the company. These projects can be engineered to deliver quick paybacks without much effort while the company works on bigger game changing projects that implement innovation and stay abreast of current on goings in the market. This way the company generates momentum to keep the flow towards mobility steady. One must always keep in mind that the road map should be constantly updated, preferably every 6-8 months in order to update it with new changes in the technology.


With these 5 implementations, any organization irrespective of size and scope is sure to leap forward several steps towards creating a sound and rewarding mobile strategy. Such a strategy will help an organization leverage several operational and strategic advantages in order to ensure the embracement of mobility and the benefits it offers.


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