How Virtual Reality Can Revamp Travel Industry?

vr in travel industry

Smartphone fad has become a reality now and it’s almost unimaginable to think of a life without them. The way they have entered in our lives it has made indispensable for us to think otherwise. Smartphones have taught us new ways to do things, which certainly all of us admire. And why not? The tasks that looked bleak a couple of years back are now a piece of cake. This is what technology evolution has done.

One more advancement like this we’ll talk about today is the evolution of Virtual Reality (VR) and how it can impact the tourism industry for the good. It has already given new wings to gaming, entertainment and several other sectors, but its scope is quite large and yet to be discovered.

Investment in VR has already reached a new high this year and with tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Facebook and more positioning themselves to bring the VR experience to masses, indicates to a prosperous future. Already, $1 billion-dollar revenue has been recorded this year for Virtual Reality devices. The growth is sumptuous and is likely to capture more business domains in the years to come.

Imagine the travel domain blended with VR capabilities. Gosh! It already started giving me goosebumps. Imagine you can feel yourself standing on the edge of a cliff for a bungee jump or ready to dive into the ocean for a scuba session. The virtual experience where you can feel the essence of the original moment. Won’t it be amazing? The three-dimensional effects paired with real-like abilities will make you assume that you are living it.

Whether it’s a trip to a foreign land or a trip nearby, each time we aren’t sure of what exactly there’s in store for us as tourists. Every notion about the place revolves around reviews, feedbacks from our near and dear ones and through the internet where images make the place look, just wow. But, VR offers an opportunity to go a step ahead with a real-like 360-degree view helping to decide which should be your next vacation destination?

A survey was conducted across 1,300 adults by a research firm named Greenlight Insights, which specializes in VR and AR industries revealed that about 71% of them felt that VR application makes a firm look advanced and modern. While most of them said that they would favor a firm that uses VR ahead of the one which doesn’t.

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There are a variety of ways VR can transform travel industry. Here we list down some of the applications that combine VR technology and creativity for the amelioration of companies as well as for travelers.

  • Travelers can get a clear view of the aircraft’s cabin before booking a seat with airlines. Business lounges can be a great medium to attract new customers by letting them know what’s spectacular about the lounge via VR. A full demonstration of the cabin can be shown to the travelers.

  • VR can be used to demonstrate the whole airport journey to the first-time visitors, which can make them aware of the proceedings and requisites before boarding a flight like placements of information desks, several security checks, VIP waiting lounge, branded shops, duty-free stores, gates, transfers and more.

  • Travel agencies can use VR to let travelers know how their destination will look in real. A brief 360-view of places they’ll visit, heritage, culture and more about the destination can be demonstrated. This will not only add an excitement quotient to the traveler but also increase the chances of him/her getting convinced for a specific destination.

  • Adding further to the capabilities of VR, hotels and resorts can join the party as well. With a 360-degree view of rooms, lounges, spa centres, gaming areas, lush green parks, restaurants, bars and more amenities, it would add value and reason to pick your hotel ahead of others.

VR technology isn’t a new thing in the travel industry as a lot of private companies have already tried their hands on the same. Lufthansa Airlines, Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, Ultimate Jet Vacations, Delta Airlines are few industry giants that have applied VR technology to good effect and according to the officials, the results are outstanding.

VR opens a new and an innovative way to reach out to customers making them believe that they get beyond expectations every time. Wearing a pair of high-tech glasses for teleporting yourself to a new place is certainly one of the best things created by man.

Mobile apps are also trending in travel industry and if you have any idea in mind that needs to be transformed into reality, then lookout for travel app development solutions for further assistance. Konstantinfo will be happy to assist you on the same.


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