How Conversational Interfaces Can Be a Game-Changer?


The world is transforming. Digital gadgets are being fed with inputs allowing them to interact with humans like we do in real life. Companies have been keen on developing bots, chat applications and conversational interfaces lately to discover new levels of interaction, engagement and problem-solving techniques.

The era of conversational interfaces is finally here helping businesses to serve their customers better. The conversational layer can be both, text and voice that’ll help connect customers and businesses in a more efficient way using modern mechanisms like chat apps, bots and language interfaces.

The Number Story

As per a survey by eMarketer, within a few years, more than 2 billion people will be engaged in messaging apps. According to reports, more than 60 billion messages are transferred daily combined for Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Echo.

Teenagers are observed to spend majority of their time on smartphones sending messages than scrolling the feeds of their social networks. And not just teens, this stat refers to the people owning a smartphone with active social profiles and messaging apps.

Another research performed last year shows that around 50% of users want businesses to be online 24×7 and they prefer text messaging to emails or phone calls for clearing their doubts and decision assistance.

With big names like Weather Channel, Taco Bell and KLM Airlines already delved in experiencing the exploding conversational phenomenon, the market estimates it to be the next big disruption in the tech world. Startups getting a chatbot early are regarded to grow faster than those who don’t have one.

It is quite evident how conversational commerce is evolving and would ask more organizations to make the necessary shift. It will surely change the face of consumer interaction and business assistance. It won’t be a surprise if this becomes the mainstream and preferred choice of consumers to communicate with businesses.

Here’s how conversational interfaces can benefit business and be the game-changer

  • Customer Support

The users always look up to new and easier ways of doing things. They liked the way how commerce shifted to ecommerce and everything suddenly got smoother. They expect a fruitful change at every level. The change in customer interaction where they could resolve their queries via text messaging rather than those email chains and phone calls that arises the need of bots, AI or simply conversational interfaces that can understand, analyze and respond to queries in an efficacious manner.

The chatbots are smart and they aren’t just limited to online shopping. They can add value to travel industry by helping users in planning an entire vacation trip with useful ideas, suggestions and estimation of the trip. Further, leading mobile app development companies can put artificial intelligence to work wonders for the tech domain.

  • Response Time and Customer Satisfaction

It was the time when businesses started to use Messenger as a customer support tool that turned out to be a great hit. It was observed that people like to send private messages to the brands for clearing their doubts on social networks. In the first quarter of 2016, KLM Airlines received over 35,000 private messages, which is a jaw-dropping number, isn’t it?

With so many consumers looking to get connected with you over social networks, you definitely require a team to manage all that conversations or probably a smart solution in the name of chatbot. Assigning tasks like these to a chatbot can let you enhance the response time and level of customer support you provide to your user base. Plus, costs of hiring additional support staff can be avoided.

  • Productivity

With chatbots, productivity can be enhanced regardless of the business domain. How often it happens when we spend hours searching for a particular result on the website or in the app, but at the end, all we manage to achieve is that either the size isn’t available or the product is out of stock or there aren’t any results matching your query. Frustrating, isn’t it?

This is where chatbots can prove a boon to the brand as well as the user because it’ll revert with the best and exact match results for a query while the productivity of the whole process can shoot up drastically helping the company serve and satisfy more customers in the short span of time.

  • Decision Making

Imagine a chatbot asking you questions about the style, color, size, material and pattern you are looking for. By answering these simple questions, you set your preferences in the system and get the results matched and sorted just for you. Suggestions emerged feel like coming from the personal shopping expert granting users an impeccable experience.

The information entered gets stored in the system so that the user is presented with suitable suggestions next time he/she visits.

Final Thoughts

Conversational interfaces are not new, they have been around for years but haven’t been used at full throttle. Opportunities are there for business owners to capitalize on. They need to figure out the business segments for disruption, a proficient chat app development company and rest will be a part of a historical journey.


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