A Quick Guide to Expanding Customer-Base for your On-Demand Services


From booking a ride and renting a villa to ordering laundry and hiring a person to walk your dog, no matter what services anyone needs, most likely there is an app for it. And since everyone has their smartphones with them all the time, they are indeed a potential customer if you provide on-demand services through mobile apps.

But with such successful services already running in the market, it leaves no space for just an average idea but compels the businesses to pursue more intuitive and unique approach.

Though hiring an on-demand app development service can take care of all your technological needs, prompting customers to use them is altogether a different challenge. As fascinating as the success stories of few on-demand services like Uber and Airbnb may sound, equally depressing are the stories of those thousand others who try their luck in the sector but fall flat.

So, let’s take a look at few factors that will not only help you delight your existing customers, but also earn you a lot more of them:

Figure Out Your Target Audience

There is a famous quote that- “if you don’t know where to go, any road will take you there,” which applies aptly to on-demand services. There have been many apps with brilliant ideas and flawless implementation but failed due to sheer lack of direction and appropriate conviction. Since there is hardly any on-demand service that everyone requires, figuring out ones’ target audience is something that every service provider must do before starting the project.

Don’t Just Sell, Connect

Whether you are an entrepreneur or the market leader, if you treat your customers as just another commoner, chances are you won’t stay in the business for long. While customer satisfaction is a must to help you gain approval and loyalty from existing customers, it is only when you achieve customer delight, which will further create your brand and earn you more customers through referrals without spending paying top dollar.

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Effective Marketing

Once you have a specific audience in mind and are willing to connect, it is time to strategically funnel all your marketing efforts and funds to those sections only. For instance, if your on-demand services are limited to a particular city, putting your advertisements on national television is a complete wastage. On the contrary, if your services are catering to women, placing ads in magazines popular among such groups would be much effective than to place hoardings all over the city.

All in all, know where the attention of your target audience lies and reach out to them categorically.

Showcase Your Expertise

As discussed in the beginning, to get noticed you have to be exceptionally innovative. And for the good or the bad, being different isn’t a prerequisite for success as much as being an expert. So, if you provide any on-demand service, it doesn’t matter how late you enter the market, but being the best is what will earn you the valuable customers. Be it through campaigns, seminars, webinars, or any other channel, broadcast your technological supremacy over your competitors.

Do Not Rush

One common mistake that many startups make in the hope of gaining first-mover advantage is that they rush into the market with a half-baked service and spend a substantial amount of money on marketing. But when competitors come with better-refined services exposing their flaws, they quickly lose their brand value as well as customer base and are left with no funds to rebuilt either.

So, it is better to take help from any professional on-demand app development company before you jump into the market and jeopardize your prospects.

In the end, on-demand services are on the rise and will continue to grow in the years to come, hence leaving plenty of room for newcomers and consequent refinements. So, if you properly implement all these above factors in your service, not only will it ensure a solid foundation for your business, but an exponential growth will be just around the corner.


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