Why Enterprises Prefer ASP.Net Application Development Over Others


Anyone aware of the current state of web knows for a fact that there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of technologies through which one can develop applications. Depending upon business priorities, certain trade-offs are made between cost and quality, stability and efficiency, and so forth.

While this approach serves well for small businesses, the requirements of any large enterprise are highly magnified and often non-negotiable. To meet such high expectations, ASP.NET developers too need equally robust tools capable of handling all such issues at once. This need of one-solution-fits-all is what has lead enterprises towards .net application development.

Offered by one of the earliest pioneers of technology, .NET was built from day one to effectively handle large projects. Initially limited only to Windows, it embraced all other platforms that stimulated developers to adopt it as their primary technology for creating all kinds of applications.

Today, any ASP.NET development company can testify the efficiency and fluidity that the technology brings to the overall development cycle and thus, is credited with some of the most elegant enterprise solutions that the industry has ever seen. To be more precise, here are some of the surefire benefits if you get your enterprise application built by an ASP.NET development company.

Less Code

.NET application development leverages the object-oriented approach in programming, which is known to produce lesser and neater code. The framework also offers many reusable components that save developers from writing the same piece of code over and over for different components. This means:

  • Less development time for the developers
  • More focus can be attributed to other UI/UX design and customer experience
  • The application can be easily maintained
  • The application can be swiftly updated with new features.


As discussed, enterprise applications are tasked with many of the crucial jobs, which if go south, can severely damage the company at many levels. So, it is of utmost importance that the enterprise application as well as the technology that it is based on is stable and is worthy of reliance

  • Most of the ERP systems used by the largest enterprises are based on .ASP.NET, which in itself is a testimony to how well regarded this technology is.
  • Also, constant security patches and addition of new features by Microsoft helps .NET stay ahead of similar technologies.


Since most of the enterprises often house a huge diversity of platforms including legacy systems, bridging all those gaps with a single application to provide seamless experience remains a major challenge.

  • .NET enables developers to create a single application that can run on a variety of devices including but not limited to desktops, mobiles, PDAs, without compromising on the user interface.
  • On the developer front, along with the languages offered by Microsoft like C# and VB, ASP.NET application development can also be carried out smoothly in a variety of other languages like Python, Pascal, Perl, SmallTalk, Mercury, Oberon.
  • Also, the backward compatibility ensures that no updates are forced upon systems while still enhancing them with new features and security measures.


One of the trickiest parts of application development comes only after the actual development process is complete, i.e. at the time of deployment.

  • The introduction of ClickOnce technology has made deploying and updating.NET application a breeze.
  • Additionally, .ASP.NET application development allows different versions of any library to coexist on a server which enables developers to efficiently manage deployment and updates of large enterprise applications.


Enterprises, with most of their sensitive data being hosted and processed through applications, are constantly at the risk of security breach and thus need strong mechanisms to insulate them from such instances. The enterprise applications built on .NET are known to be highly secure due to various check measures embedded in the technology itself like:

  • Form authentication and Windows authentication
  • Data Access and Code access security
  • Exception handling and Communication security


Often overlooked, yet a crucial factor for any technology is the support mechanism. Because no matter how easy or efficient a technology is, no application runs smoothly forever. And at this point, if they do not get proper support and guidance, they might lose faith in the technology. ASP.NET has got this problem fully covered by two ways:

  • Active communities of .NET developers able and willing to help, supplemented by highly informative blog posts.
  • If you are willing to pay a small fee, Microsoft offers round-the-clock technical support form experts who know ASP.NET inside-out.

With everything said, it leaves no doubt that .NET is indeed the perfect choice for enterprise applications. And if you wish to join those elite enterprises by streamlining your business operations, no other thing but getting an elegant .NET solution for your enterprise is a perfect start.


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